GameDesk and AT&T Interactive Learning

GameDesk provides technology to schools allowing students to use the latest tools to take part in the creation of a game. These technologies help teachers engage students in subjects like math and science.



AT&T and GameDesk are teaming up to make high quality digital games and learning technologies available to students, educators and parents nationwide to help improve high school success.

Although some progress has been made, 1 in 4 of our high school students still aren’t graduating with their class, and of those that do, many are not fully prepared for college and career success.

AT&T and GameDesk are out to change that. By using the digital tools that are second nature to our kids today, educators and parents can engage and prepare students by conveying difficult concepts in a very familiar way.

GameDesk revolutionizes the way students learn by embedding academic content and assessment into fun and interactive learning technologies. By using the tools that are second-nature to kids today, educators are able to convey difficult concepts and prepare students for success, including those most at risk of dropping out.

AT&T Is making a $3.8 million contribution to GameDesk to make these tools and technologies available to parents, students and educators nationwide. This is one of AT&T’s largest single contributions to date underAT&T Aspire.

AT&T’s investment will expand GameDesk’s reach in two ways:

  • First, will be the creation a living, learning laboratory designed to create a model for what the future of learning can be. The laboratory will include a "classroom of the future" for students, teachers and developers. Here, new digital tools and technologies will be developed and evaluated for ease of use and alignment with academic standards.
  • The second major initiative will provide free access to an online portal featuring a large intuitive library of quality digital learning content and support for teaching and classroom integration.

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