Don’t Always Think About It– Be Inefficient, Be Like Nike…


Just Do It!

You already know what you have to do, when you have to do it and why you need to do it. What’s holding you back?

Your job, your family, bills, stereotypes, discrimination, opportunities that seem unreachable and issues that you have yet to deal with will always remain unless you make up your mind to put your head down and just plow through it.

Sometimes the outcome may not be quite what you expected or maybe absolutely more than what you expected (if you have made the right moves or downright lucky) but I can guarantee that you will look back upon yourself or the situation and notice the change in your attitude, the change in the way that you do business, the change in your overall mindset and you will humble yourself to become a much more proactive listener with more respect for the industry that you are currently working in or attempting to break into.

If it’s to start on that business plan that you have absolutely no idea how you are going to put together or if it’s to finally upgrade to that new piece of technology that will make you more productive in your occupation (remember, it’s your choice to be a dinosaur or embrace the tools around you)… No matter what it is, you need to get started and get started now because nothing is guaranteed to any of us. The more time you waste contemplating, could be the time that you are effectively or inefficiently doing something to get yourself one step closer. Yes! I did mean “inefficiently”! Sometimes everything that you do won’t be efficient or well planned out, but that is essentially apart of discovering how to be more efficient. Put the books down, get from behind the computer screen, stop building other people’s dreams, and go out to get the necessary experiences that you need to be more efficient.

Always keep in mind that the criticism will come, but you have to be articulately aggressive at what you do to address certain criticisms regarding your inefficiencies (as long as it’s hurting no one and it’s not costing you your reputation you can afford to be inefficient to be more efficient). Sometimes there is nothing that you can say or nothing that you can do except listen, but sometimes you can also speak up to defend yourself if you know that what you are doing is right. Just be careful and choose your battles wisely.

So sometimes we all need a motivational pickup and even if we have no issues being motivated but just lose our direction in business or even in life, we need to just kick ourselves and push just a little bit harder everyday. If you want to find success, remember that there are no excuses, just barriers that you have not broken yet.

So don’t always think about what you are doing because you already know what to do and how to do it in a sense– just push yourself and always look for the best possible outcome. If you can’t get what you want then get what you can at that current time and build upon it. Sometimes all that a person needs is a good foundation to work from and then the lightbulb pops up over a person’s head.

Don’t let time pass you by– Don’t Think About It, Don’t worry about it– Be Like Nike and Just Do It!


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