University of Zürich Artificial Intelligence Lab shows off Roboy robot

Shane McGlaun

Another incredibly creepy robot has turned up, this time from the University of Zürich’s Artificial Intelligence Lab. The creepy robot has a gigantic smooth head and exposed Terminator components. The bot is called Roboy and was built with help from both engineers and scientists.


The team hopes that Roboy might become a blueprint for service robots that are able to work with humans and provide services such as support for elderly people. The robot stands 1.2 m tall and is driven by a series of mechanical tendons giving it the ability to move around. The tendon functionality in the robot is said to closely mimic the function of human tendons allowing Roboy to move like a human does.

For now, the robot is still in the construction phase. Development has involved the completion of the torso, leg development, and computer-assisted drafting of the entire robot along with assembly and teaching the robot to move. The team announced in the middle of December that the robot was “getting a new face and can already moved his arms.”

While the robot has exposed components right now, it would eventually be covered with a soft skin to make the robot more comfortable for humans to touch. The design team is trying to raise money to help complete the construction of the robot by selling logo space on the robot body where names or company logos can be engraved. Check out the video below to see the robot in action.


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